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AITDK SEO Extension is a versatile browser extension designed to provide comprehensive website analysis. With its powerful features, AITDK SEO Extension offers the ability to track website traffic, whois lookups, keywords density check, and conduct SEO analysis.

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On-Page SEO Audit

A one-stop web page SEO information analysis tool. Quickly grasp the web page title, description, URL, domain registration and expiration time, as well as core SEO elements such as H tags, images, and the number of links.

  • Title/Description/Keywords/URL/Canonical
  • Domain registration/expiration date
  • sitemap/robots validation
On-Page SEO Audit

Free Website Traffic Analysis

The traffic panel provides key traffic data such as monthly visits, bounce rate, average number of pages viewed, dwell time, global and country rankings, as well as traffic source and regional analysis.

  • Monthly Visits/Bounce Rate/Visit Duration/Global Rank
  • Visits Over Time/Traffic Sources
  • Top Keywords/Top Regions
Free Website Traffic Analysis

Free Whois Lookup

A Whois domain lookup allows individuals to query a database provided by domain registrars to find out key details about a domain such as the registrar of the domain, the dates of registration and expiry, and the nameservers.

  • Domain registration/expiration/update date
  • Registrar and Registry Information
  • Name Servers/Domain Status
Free Whois Lookup

Headings, Images, Links

Provide users with page Headings distribution, image analysis, and in-depth analysis of link statistics, internal and external link ratios and Dofollow/Nofollow links to facilitate optimization of page structure and content.

  • Clear Title Indentation Structure
  • Dofollow/Nofollow Links
  • Images Without Alt or Title
Headings, Images, Links

Key Features

Discover the powerful features of the AITDK SEO Extension.

SEO Analyzer

Get all the SEO information for your page at a glance and provide optimization suggestions

Free Website Traffic

Instant website analysis, including site rank, site traffic, sources and geography

Free WHOIS Lookup

Lookup domain information of website that you are currently browsing

Keyword Density Check

Easy to use SEO keyword density checker that shows the most frequently used keywords by count and density of any web page

Headings Analyze

Easily analyze the headings hierarchy of any page

Metadata Analysis

Get all metadata from the page, serialize and display it clearly

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Small Business Owner

The AITDK SEO Extension has made a significant impact on my website's visibility. It's easy to use and has helped me attract more organic traffic, resulting in increased sales,,


David Lee

SEO Specialist

As an SEO professional, I rely on the AITDK SEO Extension to stay ahead of the competition. Its real-time insights and competitor analysis features are invaluable for optimizing websites,,


Emily Johnson

Website Owner

I've tried many SEO tools, but the AITDK SEO Extension stands out from the rest. It's user-friendly, comprehensive, and has helped me achieve higher search engine rankings,,


Michael Brown

Content Creator

I highly recommend the AITDK SEO Extension to anyone looking to improve their website's SEO. It provides actionable recommendations and helps me create SEO-friendly content,,


Jennifer Wilson

E-commerce Manager

The AITDK SEO Extension has been a game-changer for our online store. It has helped us outrank our competitors and attract more qualified traffic to our website,,

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about AITDK SEO Extension and learn how it can benefit your website.

AITDK SEO Extension is a powerful tool designed to help you optimize your website's SEO performance and improve search engine rankings.

AITDK SEO Extension provides comprehensive keyword analysis, on-page optimization, content quality insights, backlink monitoring, and more to enhance your website's SEO.

Yes, AITDK SEO Extension is user-friendly and designed for both beginners and experienced SEO professionals.

Absolutely! AITDK SEO Extension offers advanced keyword analysis to help you identify the best keywords for your content.

Yes, you can generate detailed SEO performance reports to monitor your progress and make informed decisions.

Yes, AITDK SEO Extension includes competitor analysis features to help you understand and outperform your competitors.

We offer comprehensive support including tutorials, FAQs, and customer service to assist you with any questions or issues.

AITDK SEO Extension is designed to be compatible with a wide range of websites and content management systems.

We regularly update our algorithms to ensure they align with the latest search engine updates and best practices.

Yes, AITDK SEO Extension can be used to optimize multiple websites, making it a versatile tool for SEO professionals.